~*~*~ LEAGUE SETS ~*~*~

To request any of these codes please email us with your League Name
so we can prepare your main header/banner. Please specify which league set you are requesting along with any additional banners you league might need.
The 3 modules (codes) will be saved in notepad and sent to you.
Also attached to the email will be your main header/banner.

We are willing to edit your home page for you, however there is a small charge.

We offer monthly maintenance plans to leagues that use our sets. We believe that HA's should be able to simply concentrate and enjoy running their league and not have to worry about maintaining the administrative changes that occur. When we receive your maintenance request, we will make the changes upon receipt or the next morning, 7 days a week. Maintenance includes, but not limited to, adding/deleting staff names and birthdays, keeping your awards section updated, adding any additional links/backdoors, and updating your news. Any other requests are open for discussion. Please request pricing via email or trillian IM.

Order before 8pm EST and you will receive the codes within 30 mins of your request. NO WAITING!
Order after 8pm EST and you will receive them the next morning.
If you prefer us to edit your home page for you there is a fee per league set.
To assist you, we are here 7 days a week, 7AM EST to 8PM EST.

or PANDIDESIGNS on Trillian IM

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